Anonymous asked:
if I ever have a gamer bf I would just wanna sit there and watch him play cus their cute.

Lol I’m sure u saying that now but once you do it a couple of times you gonna break his games lol 😂😂😂

cristy-act asked:
Hi, I'm a fan. I'm actually very nervous right now. I'm a writer and I just opened my blog. This is the first time I'm doing anything like this so please tell me if you have any tips. I'm actually very shy so this is a big step for me. If you want to follow me too that would be a great help.

Make content that you like and that also can be relatable to others. Your content has to give something to your viewers, it has to make them feel some type of way for them to want to come back. And most importantly stay focused and keep at it, don’t give up because you’re not getting the following or views you want. When I started youtube I barely got any views.

Anonymous asked:
So theres this guy and I always see him staring at me in the halls and he'll stare at me every chance he can get. Does he like me?

Yea, he taking glances at u because he admiring your beauty. So next time he does look at him n wave that’ll throw him off or make his day lol

Anonymous asked:
Hey jay ! I see u r u lost cuz u seem lost in the comment section on Jay Parks live show case 😂😂😂 or re u promoting ur channel 😂😂😂 smh I see u 😂👏😂😂

Lmao gotta shamelessly do that!

in hopes of him seeing me

Anonymous asked:
Do you like/love when girl have a big ass?

yeah sure it can only help lol

Jay Park’s new video so good

It has the feel good vibe to it. The vibe really reminds of the joah video vibe. Where they are just like chilling and hanging out.

Seeing my face on other people’s tumblrs makes me happy for some reason lol
Can i just have the ability to sing!

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Anonymous asked:
how do you think you'd react if you caught your girlfriend watching x-rate videos? e u e;;

lmao idk thats a good question i guess haha